Our story


A Long long time ago in a far away place (East LA) there was a wide eyed kid left with his mom’s cousin named Ida.   A old Italian lady who could cook her ass off.

She would make her famous pizza with this kid while the Tias and Tios were out and about.  Soon after their return, Love and warmth was at the table. Cousin Ida’s Pizza! Cousin Ida said she would give her Fort Knox receipt to this kid one day and he could sell this awesome pizza.  Well, cousin Ida passed and so did her receipt.  But the real receipt stayed with this kid. It was the love, fun, experience and warmth of family and friends enjoying a meal together! As this kid grew, he always wondered if he would actually make pizza for many people to enjoy. Well, in 2015 the day came when it was time.  I don’t have the receipt of cousin Ida or New York or Italy pizza.   But I do have work ethic, passion, love, warmth and fun for giving something to people to enjoy. So when we are so lucky that customers come in and choose us for their meal, a BIG and simple thank you for help keeping a dream alive. May you have a Blessed day, Bessos!

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